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WIFI Walkie Talkie free PTT


WiFi Walkie Talkie is a Push to Talk application which allows you to talk for free over wireless networks WiFi Walkie Talkie app is a best push to talk solution to communicate free on same WIFI network..With this push to talk application, you can transmit your voice data to all devices which are on the same network or to any device which you know its IP address with your Walkie Talkie app .How can you use this Talkie Walkie app?If you want to send voice message to a single user, press the Unicast button and insert the IP address that you want to talk with.Push to speak button, hold and speak.This Talkie Walkie APP uses none of your data, text or call allowance...You heard correct, NONE!Moms: Need to call the kids for dinner or even to ask them to turn that music or Playstation down? Just press and talk!Kids: Run out of credit on your phone and need to talk to Mom, Dad or your Brother or Sister? Just press and talk for free!Dads: Don't want to be disturbed while your in the "Man Cave"..simple, Just turn it off :)Businesses: Need a cost effective way to keep in contact with your employee's while on the job? Just press and talk to the entire group.If you want to talk Broadcast, use the Broadcast button and broadcast domain IP address.* Both of users should install this app.* Users should be in the same WIFI zone.* Keep pressing the middle of the screen if you want to speak.(Do not release your finger.* Just release your finger from the screen if you want to stop talking.How amazing if you can communicate freely with your family and friends or with colleagues who are connected with same Wi-Fi network who are in different floors? WiFi Walkie Talkie will help you communicate with them with out any phone charges,You can Broadcast Audio on all the devices.Multi Cast Audio on Devices which are registered on particular IP Address you have chosen.Unicast Address which will get audio only for one device.Touch to Talk or Just Tap on Walkie Talkie.